This full-page Sports display was assigned by Design Director Dennis Brack. Discussing the job, we decided that a vintage ski poster style would be an evocative way to showcase snowboarding amid the traditional winter Olympic events.

This image was subsquently modified for the U.S. Postal Service and released as the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic stamp.

This quarter-page illustration for the Business section front accompanied a story about targeted spam; email advertising directed by data gleaned from the shopping habits of individual consumers.
Lead illustration for a guide to tipping shown with the rough submitted to Kathy Legg, art director for the Travel section. The sport jacket in the pencil rough was changed to an Hawaiian print shirt to emphasize the story's vacation aspect.
A spot illustration for Outlook about the nuclear weapons competition between Pakistan and India.
An illustration for a Business lead story about pervasive sales pitches for product warranty extensions.
Three-quarter page lead illustration for the Business section about the sensitive nature of discussing personal finances with an elderly parent. The headline and text were displayed in one column between the two figures. Assigned by art director JoEllen Murphy.
From way back...lead illustration for the Food section’s Thanksgiving page. Assigned by art director Kathy Legg.
Travel cover illustrations assigned by Kathy Legg.